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70 answers for: "I Love You, ___" (best-selling memoir)
RONNIE"I Love You, ___" (best-selling memoir)
LIKEIDO"I don't know why I love you ___ ... "
MANPaul Rudd's I Love You, ___
ALICE"I Love You, ___ B. Toklas" (1968 Peter Sellers film)
INASONGJim Croce's "So I'll Have To Say I Love You ___"
BUT"I Don't Know Why I Love You (___ I Do)"
EAT"___, Pray, Love" (best-selling memoir)
ISI"Woe ___" (best-selling grammar guide)
YES"Getting to ___" (best-selling business book)
MORE"To Love You ___" (Celine Dion)
SAVE"The Love You ___" (Jackson 5 hit)
DONTBESTUPID"___ ___ ___ (You Know I Love You)" by Shania Twain
TEAM"I love you," on a telenovela
ASONGJim Croce "I'll Have To Say I Love You in ___"
SEGELJason from "I Love You, Man"
SUE"Yes I love you Peggy ___" Buddy Holly
HAVEI"___ Told You Lately That I Love You?"
MEERepeated word in Donovan "I Love You" song title
MEDO"Love, love ___, you know I love you"
MAGGIEMAYRod Stewart classic with the line 'You stole my heart but I love you anyway'
AVENUEEva Gabor starred in the TV comedy series Green Acres and sang: "Darling I love you but give me Park
NEEDAEddy Duchin sang, "I'll sing you a thousand love songs; And still they'll seem so few; I ... thousan
SUNSHINE"You'll never know dear, how much I love you; Please don't take my ... away," sang Gene Autry
SPOILITNancy Sinatra confessed, "Then afterwards we drop into a quiet little place; And have a drink or two
UXORIOUSDeeply fond of one's better half, you kiss and love, right? I love you so, not half! (8)
NINASIMONESinger who had a 1959 hit with "I Loves You, Porgy"
DUETS"I Loves You, Porgy" and others
NINA"I Loves You, Porgy" singer Simone
SIMONE"I Loves You, Porgy" singer Nina
BESS"I Loves You, Porgy" singer
HATE"___ That I Love You" (17 Across hit song)
INHIS"___ Steps" (best-selling religious novel)
CHATELAINECanada's best-selling magazine
IAM"___ Malala" (2013 best-selling autobiography)
SLOANESTennis star Stephens and best-selling author Crosley
DIGESTBest-selling US family magazine first published in 1922, Reader's ...
CHARTBUSTERBest-selling recording (11)
THEWHOEnglish band who composed the best-selling rock opera, Tommy (3,3)
TSINGTAOBest-selling Chinese beer in the U.S.
PEAKBest selling point
OUTOFMeat Loaf's best-selling album, Bat ... Hell (3,2)
MARLBOROBest-selling brand of cigarettes in the world
ALASS"Amo, Amas, I Love ___"
AMAS"Amo, ___, I love a lass"
LASS"Amo, amas, I love a ___"
HER"And I Love ___"
IDO"Love You ___" (song sung by 16 Across in Dreamgirls; 2 wds.)
SNOWDavid Guterson's best-selling 1994 book which was turned into a film of the same name in 1999, ... F
PHARRELLWilliams whose song "Happy" was the best-selling song in the US in 2014
EXODUSLeon Uris' best-selling epic of the founding of the state of Israel
MORISSETTEJagged Little Pill was the best-selling debut album for Canadian singer, Alanis ...
LESS"She Loves You No ___" My Bloody Valentine
YEHRepeated word in "She loves You" by The beatles
SLYESTIntroductions to She Loves You by priest is only half of what is the most cunning (6)
AUTOBIOGRAPHY15-Across cowrote a best-selling one with Alex Haley
KOCHAuthor of the 1984 memoir "Mayor"
YESPLEASEAmy Poehler's "polite" memoir
IBIFICUS_, ___ (canadian punk rocker Bif Naked's new memoir)
OFMEReagan memoir, Where's the Rest ___?
WILLOWStegner's Prairie boyhood memoir: "Wolf ___"
THEDRAMA"Selling ___" (Live tune off "Throwing Copper")
STEPHENKINGThis Carrie and The Shining horror author also wrote On Writing; A Memoir Of The Craft (7,4)
BROOKESHIELDS"Suddenly Susan" actress who wrote the memoir "There Was a Little Girl": 2 wds.
BILBOHe bests Gollum in a riddle contest
BELFASTGeorge Best's home town
MENOT"... he loves ___"
NOT"... she loves me ___"
HIS"...if he loves you so, it's in ___ kiss"
EDGESBarely bests
HIGHADVENTUREAptly titled memoir of 32-Across's Everest ascent: 2 wds.