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66 answers for: "I Love You, ___" (best-selling memoir)
RONNIE"I Love You, ___" (best-selling memoir)
ALICE"I Love You, ___ B. Toklas" (1968 Peter Sellers film)
INASONGJim Croce's "So I'll Have To Say I Love You ___"
BUT"I Don't Know Why I Love You (___ I Do)"
YES"Getting to ___" (best-selling business book)
ISI"Woe ___" (best-selling grammar guide)
MORE"To Love You ___" (Celine Dion)
SAVE"The Love You ___" (Jackson 5 hit)
MUCH"Don't know ___, but I know I love you"
ARE"I love you just the way you ___"
DITTOReply to "I love you" in the movie "Ghost"
PARTRIDGEFAMILY"I Think I Love You" singers (with "The")
SIDEB"P.S. I Love You," to "Love Me Do"
GOLDIEHAWNOscar winner who sang in "Everyone Says I Love You"
SIDEA"Love Me Do" vis-a-vis "P.S. I Love You"
RUDDPaul who co-starred in "I Love You, Man"
BSIDE"Revolution" or "P.S. I Love You"
HELLOThe Doors' "___, I Love You"
YOTEAMOLatino "I love you"
FAULTSDoris Day admitted, "For nobody else gave me a thrill; With all your ..., I love you still; It had t
ITSASINTOTELL"So be sure it's true when you say, 'I love you'; ... a lie" (2'1,1,3,2,4)
TELLA"So be sure it's true; When you say, 'I love you'; It's a sin to ... lie" (4,1)
ISAIDHow Could You Believe Me, When ... I Love You, When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life (1,4)
TOTOELisa Lisa "Ooh baby, I think I love you from head ___"
WOMANJohn Lennon song that ends "I love you, yeah, yeah, now and forever"
OSCARWonder won one for "I Just Called to Say I Love You"
DUETS"I Loves You, Porgy" and others
NINA"I Loves You, Porgy" singer Simone
SIMONE"I Loves You, Porgy" singer Nina
BESS"I Loves You, Porgy" singer
AKON"I Wanna Love You" singer/rapper
LISA"Crazy Love You" writer Unger
MADE"You __ Me Love You"
DESPERADOEagles song with the line "You better let somebody love you"
DOI"__ Love You?": Ronettes hit
SOITop 40 tune of 1969 "___ Can Love You"
DAYNEI'll Always Love You singer Taylor
BABYIAretha Franklin hit "___ Love You"
ANDKNOW"___ they love you" ("Teach Your Children" line)
ANDI"___ Love You So": Como hit
IWILL"___ Always Love You" (Whitney Houston hit): 2 wds.
MADEME"You ___ Love You"
AREI"Whoever you ___ love you" (Burt Bacharach lyric)
CANBE"... all that you ___" (Army slogan)
ALOSER"... and I'll show you ___"
ANY"... have you ___ wool?"
NOLIES"... questions, I'll tell you ___"
SHALLFEAR"... you ___ your God": Leviticus
REST"...and I will give you ___" (Matthew 11:28)
ACHANGEIn 1966, The Seekers sang, "Bring out all the love you hide and, oh, what ... there'd be; The world
IMAMAN1967 hit with the repeated lyric "Yes I am / And I can't help / But love you so"
PETALIt may indicate that she loves you
WHOThe Four Seasons' "___ Loves You"
ABUSHELANDAPECHow much Mr. Universe loves you?
SLYESTIntroductions to She Loves You by priest is only half of what is the most cunning (6)
BOSSYPANTSTina Fey's 2011 memoir
TINAFEY"30 Rock" actress/creator who wrote the 2011 memoir "Bossypants": 2 wds.
EARTHOliver Stone film based on Vietnamese author Le Ly Hayslip's memoir, Heaven %26 ...
LOGICALBIOSpock's memoir?
OMARRSydney who wrote a memoir entitled "Answer in the Sky ... Almost"
HACKETTSir John Winthrop ?, soldier and author of 1977 memoir I Was a Stranger (7)
AMYPOEHLER"Parks and Recreation" actress who wrote the 2014 memoir "Yes Please": 2 wds.
LENADUNHAM"Girls" actress/creator who wrote the 2014 memoir "Not That Kind of Girl": 2 wds.
BELFASTGeorge Best's home town
ESTThe very best's ending
BEATSBURLYDRDREBests a beefed-up G-funk rapper?