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Rex Parker

If you are a fan of crossword puzzles particularly that of the New York Times, you might eventually have heard about Rex Parker, Rex Parker Crossword, or perhaps, Rex Parker does the N.Y.T Crossword Puzzle. Thousands of Americans regularly visit Parker's blog to see the answers to the previous day's or even early morning's New York Times crossword puzzle. Aside from providing a snapshot of the solved puzzle, Parker also discusses the answer's theme and provides trivia to some of the mentioned or questioned words.

Who Is Rex Parker

Rex Parker is the pseudonym or online name and character of Michael Sharp, a professor at the Binghamton University in New York. According to Sharp himself, his early life is nothing more than the usual. He was originally from Fresno, California. He took up English major in college after which, he directly pursued a graduate school diploma. After obtaining his Ph.D. in English, he immediately applied for a job at Binghamton and has eventually landed as a professor of English. Aside from being a college faculty, Sharp also works as a teacher of prisoners at the Ney York State Penitentiary in Elmira.

The Birth of Rex Parker Does the N.Y.T. Crossword Puzzle

Although the creation and solving of crossword puzzles is not Michael Sharp's profession, he has eventually developed the passion for it. Sharp's earliest account of his interest with crossword puzzles was during childhood when his grandmother used to solve crossword puzzles. But it’s not until he was college that he first gave it a try. His interest with puzzling solving is just an alternative activity when he eventually quit smoking back then. After college, he temporarily stopped this regular mind activity and had only the chance to answer some puzzles again after earning his graduate school diploma. The Rex Parker Crossword blog is just an experiment for Sharp in integrating comics with the English subject he teaches. His initial test post was the New York Times' crossword puzzle which he has solved at that time, but he eventually failed to notice that he is now doing it for more than five years. The cartoon part of his initial plan for the blog didn’t become a reality except for his blog name Rex Parker. Since 2007, Michael Sharp regularly posted his solved puzzles to what is now known as the Rex Parker Does The N.Y.T. Crossword Puzzle blog.

The Popularity of Rex Parker Crossword

According to records, Parker's blog is current viewed by close to 7,000 visitors every day generating conclusions that there are still a huge number of individuals who are interested in crossword puzzles. Visitors often visit the blog for clues and cheats for the regular N.Y.T. puzzle. Rex Parker is also known to be direct in giving his assessments on the easiness or toughness of each crossword puzzle released. This eventually caught the attention of New York Times' puzzle master Will Shortz who eventually became a friend of Sharp. Parker proclaims himself as the 31st greatest puzzle solver in the universe.