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Printable Crosswords Puzzles

If you're on the run and want to take a crossword puzzle with you, get a printable crossword puzzle from one of these popular online crossword puzzle sites.

Wall Street Journal

The Wall St. Journal Crossword Puzzle is typically published on Friday and has various constructors each week. The puzzle is edited by Mike Shenk.

Newsday Crossword Puzzle.

The Newsday puzzle is available as a PDF and can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

New York Times.

The New York Times puzzle is available as a PDF, but requires subscription.

USA Today

USA Today provides one of the most popular crosswords puzzles available. The puzzle is published in newsprint as well as online and is available Monday through Saturday.

USA Today crossword puzzles are free. Archived puzzles are available and are also free. USA Today once provided a discussion forum for it's crossword puzzles, but that forum was taken down in 2012.

New York Times

The New York Times crossword is probably the most recognizable crossword puzzle. Crosswords have been published in the New York Times since 1942.

New York Times crossword puzzles are published 7 days a week and the difficulty increases with Monday being the easiest and Saturday the hardest. The Sunday puzzle is said to be as difficult as the Wednesday puzzle, but larger.

The New York Times crossword puzzles can be accessed on line by subscription. Visit the New York Times puzzle page for the current subscription rates. Subscribers to the New York Times home delivery service were once entitled to access puzzles on-line, but access to the puzzles now requires paying for the Premium Crosswords subscription separately.

King Features Syndicate, Inc.

King Features Syndicate, Inc. syndicates a wide variety of comics, cartoons, puzzles, and editorial content. They offer three crossword puzzles:
  • Joseph Crossword with Cryptoquote, by Thomas Joesph
  • Sheffer Crossword with Cryptoquote, by Eugene Sheffer
  • Premier Sunday Crossword with Cryptoquote, by Frank Longo

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