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Newsday Crossword Puzzle

The Newsday Crossword Puzzle is published daily under the entertainment section of the Newsday newspaper. Daily puzzles are created by regular as well as individual contributors and are edited by Stanley Newman. Newman has been the editor of the Newsday Sunday Crossword since March 1998 and editor of the Newsday daily crossword since January 1992. Newsday Crosswords are syndicated in more than 200 publications and are regularly republished on several crossword puzzle websites on the internet where it reaches wider audience and puzzle lovers even outside of the U.S.

The Newsday Crossword Puzzle can be solved interactively or printed in PDF format from Newsday's or Stan's website Crossword Land. These websites also maintain an archive of the past days' puzzles, therefore making it possible for all enthusiasts to catch up even if they failed to buy the paper in the morning. Also included in the interactive puzzle solver are the corresponding solutions for it.

The Level of Difficulty

Stanley Newman daily crossword puzzle explains the level of difficulty for the daily puzzles. According to Newman, it has been a tradition for the puzzle to maintain a weekly increasing trend on its level of difficulty. As can be noticed by its expert and regular solvers, the Monday and Tuesday puzzles are the simplest and easiest. The level of difficulty eventually escalates and reaches its peak on a Saturday. Saturday Newsday Crosswords are considered the toughest that Newman has called these editions as the Saturday Stumpers. Although the Stumper is considered the toughest, it is one of the most popular weekly issues. What makes regular puzzles easy to solve are the adherence to a theme, shorter words to solve, and the availability of clues especially from Stan's Newsday Crossword website. But for the Stumper, these hints and clues are absent.

The Puzzle Contributors

Aside from Stanley Newman, there are hundreds of contributors to the regular crossword puzzle that the newspaper publishes. Among the regular names that can be read on the paper include: Merle Baker, Sheldon Benardo, Adam Cohen, Robert Doll, Kevin Donovan, Gail Grabowski, Randy Hartman, Fred Jackson, Patrick Jordan, Craig Kasper, Betty Keller, Donna Levin, Brendan Quigley, Joon Pahk, Doug Peterson, Fred Piscop, Randolph Ross, Barry Silk, Richard Silvestre, Daniel Stark, Norma Steinberg, Bruce Venzke, Jeffrey Wechsler, Brad Wilber, and Robert Wolfe.

About Sally R. Stein and Anna Stiga

Just like all other authors and editors, Stanly Newman makes use of aliases or pseudonyms with his puzzle creations. Sally R. Stein which has a hidden meaning of "it's really S.N" is used for the easy or early week puzzles. On the other hand, Anna Stiga who according to Newman means ΄Stan again‘ is his alias for the Saturday Stumper.

Individual and Public Contributions

Newsday Crosswords accept contributions or puzzle submissions from the general public. When the proposed puzzle is accepted, the person is paid $150 for it. Among the guidelines or requirements include; the adherence or presence of a puzzle theme, must be 21 X 21, has 146 entries or below, absence of obscure answers, there should be not more than two phrases, words are correct in spelling, one word clues should be kept at 10%, and a difficulty of few notches below the NY times is acceptable. Submissions are usually addressed directly to Stanley Newman.

The Newsday crossword puzzle is published daily and edited by Stanley Newman.Stanley Newman has been the editor of the Newsday Sunday Crossword since March, 1988, and editor of the Newsday daily crossword since January, 1992.

The puzzle is syndicated in more than 200 publications.

The Newsday Crossword puzzle can be solved interactively or printed on Stan's website Crossword Land. There are hundreds of constructors for the Newsday Crosswords, you can read about them on Crossword Land.