Across and Down

Merl Reagle

If you're a crossword fan, you'll know that Merl Reagle is a famous American crossword constructor. He has been making crossword puzzles since the 1985 where he constructed puzzles every Sunday for the San Francisco Chronicle. Now, his puzzles are being published by Washington Post, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Los Angeles Times, the Seattle Times, the Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio), the New York Observer, Hartford Courant and Arizona Daily Star. Reagle was just six years old when he made his first puzzle. At the age of 16 he sold a crosssword puzzle to The New York Times, making him the youngest published New York Times crossword puzzle constructor.

One of the editors of New York Times said that Reagle's themes are consistently funnier and fresher than any other puzzle crossword constructor's works. He is one of the greatest puzzle makers with wide open patterns. The Games magazine even called Reagle the best Sunday Crossword creator in America. By that time, he was known for his amazing creations and was admired by so many people because of funny themes used in his crossword puzzles. Even at a young age, he never runs out of fresh ideas when it comes to making crossword puzzles. He is known for making crossword puzzles with only paper and pencil and without a computer.The 2006 documentary "Wordplay" depicted his construction of a crossword which was published by The New York Times.

Merl Reagle was also featured on several famous shows like Oprah, CNN, the Today Show, National Public Radio and Nightline. Among the few crossword puzzle makers who make these puzzles as their full time living, Reagle is the only American Sunday Crossword puzzle maker who has his own syndication. He creates fresh ideas that keep his followers engaged when solving his puzzles.

Currently, you'll find Merl Reagle's crossword puzzles online and you can enjoy some of his works yourself. There are also famous crossword enthusiasts who work to solve his puzzles like Jon Stewart, Bill Clinton, Mike Mussina and the Indigo Girls. Reagle also became one of the judges of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, but one of the most famous creations that he was known for is the Sunday Crossword puzzles, available directly on his website Merl Reagle's Sunday Crosswords