Across and Down

Los Angeles Times Crossword

The Los Angeles Times is the fourth most widely distributed newspaer in the US and is owned y the Tribune Company.

The crossword puzzle in the LA Times is syndicated and appears in other Tribune Company publications. The puzzle is published daily and is available in print and online. The online puzzle is ad sponsored but otherwise free. A one month archive of puzzles is available online and that is also free.

The puzzle has many constructors and is currently edited by Rich Norris, who is sometimes assited by Joyce Nichol Lewis.

The Los Angeles Times Puzzle in published in the US and internationally.

International Publications

Here's a list of some of the larger international publications that carry the puzzle:
  • Globe & Mail, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Times Colonist, Victoria, BC, Cananda
  • The Province, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
  • The Montreal Gazette, Q.C., Canada
  • Taipei Times, Taiwan
  • Times of India, Bangalore, India
  • Buenos Aires Herald, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Major US Publications

Here is a short list of the larger US publications that carry the puzzle.
  • The Washington Post
  • Tampa Tribune
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Baltimore Sun (Sunday)
  • The Boston Globe
  • Detroit Free Press
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • Philadelphia Inquirer
  • New York Daily News
  • The Seattle Times